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“I love my velociraptor from! Miles and Enid are truly what is meant by the term “exception to the rule”, in that they, unlike every other American, are not vile dogs who must be put down.” – Muammar Gaddafi, Genocidal Maniac Extraordinaire
“Finally, science we can believe in! I was so thrilled to meet and fall in love with Archie, my ankylosaurus. He’ll be joining me on the campaign trail this year, both to keep mommy company and to prove to all the non-believers out there that man and dinosaur DID coexist!” – Michelle Bachmann, Republican Presidential Candidate
“It was a hefty price to pay, losing half a million comrades to starvation in order to afford 20 of each species. But these parades in my honor don’t just look awesome by accident, you know? 20 is the bare minimum for a truly spectacular display of synchronization. Besides, once Dear Leader explains that the only way to rain justice down on the capitalist pigs is to develop an army of dinosaurs, all will be forgiven.” – Kim Jong Il, North Korean Dictator