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About Us
We founded in 2008 following our retirement from the rat race of genetically modifying poultry for a large multinational fried chicken fast food chain. While it began as a rewarding career, it became more and more difficult to reconcile our love of science with genetic engineering practices that we felt were becoming increasingly immoral and profit-driven.

After retreating to the countryside and engaging in some soul-searching, we realized that more than anything else, we wanted to combine the two things we loved most as children: science and dinosaurs.

To that end, we began calling in favors from friends across the science world, gathering trace amounts of preserved genetic material, and got to work in our lab.

We’ve since gained a worldwide following and established an unmatched reputation of excellence amongst our customers, show judges, and other industry professionals. But don’t take our word for it; read our client testimonials and see for yourself!

—Miles & Enid Steensteinberg
Paleogeneticists in Chief

About Our Hatchery
Our dinosaur hatchery and ranch is located in beautiful Westminster, Maryland, on over 1,000 acres of unspoiled natural beauty. We broke ground on our fully-customized facility in 2007 and no expense was spared designing our state of the art facility. All of our dinosaurs are “free-range” with plenty of space to roam around. We also have a lab on the premises where we conduct our research and development in paleogenetics.

Our luxurious property, where our dinosaurs frolic

Our state of the art laboratory, where science meets prehistory