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Application for Dinosaur Adoption

In order for us to best serve you and ensure that our babies are going to be cared for and loved by responsible owners, we ask that you please complete the questionnaire below:

1. How many other pets are in your household, including other dinosaurs?

3 or more

2. Housing type?

Underground compound

3. Do you currently have a veterinarian or paleoveterinary specialist with experience caring for dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals?


4. Which best describes your home atmosphere?
Tranquil and relaxing
Ominous, forboding or haunted
I’m having a kegger later, wanna come?

5. Where will your dinosaur live?
In the house with me
On my property (with ample protection from extreme weather in a climate-controlled barn or stable)
In a moat, pit or cave

6. Will you permit your dinosaur to operate any motorized vehicles such as a car, tractor or jet-ski?


7. What is your policy on drug use for your dinosaur?
Drugs are bad
Pyschedelics and weed only, a trippy dino is a happy dino
Maybe a little toot if my dino is a good boy or girl

8. How do you plan to discipline your dinosaur if he or she misbehaves?

Time out session
Public humiliation